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Lie to Me Quote: Eli Loker: Here's the analysis for the blinking experiment.
Dr. Cal Lightman: Just getting in, Loker?
Eli Loker: Yeah. I got pissed drunk last night with my roommate, and i was just lying in bed this morning thinking how nasty, hot Nancy Grace is. And just trying to decide if I was gonna come in at all 'cuz it's not like there's anyone here to fantasize about.
Dr. Gillian Foster: No offense taken.
Eli Loker: I don't go for married women.
Lie to Me Quote: Dr. Cal Lightman: Thanks for coming right away.
Ria Torres: You're the boss.
Eli Loker: I would like to sleep with you.
Dr. Cal Lightman: Eli Loker, Ria Torres. He's harmless. Just always speaks the truth about what's on his mind. What do you call it again?
Eli Loker: Radical Honesty.
Dr. Cal Lightman: That's it. well, he'll get you started on running our Facial Action Coding System
Eli Loker: I have no chance with you. Nope... Uh, do I have any chance with you?
Ria Torres: You always tell the truth?
Eli Loker: Always.
Ria Torres: How good are you in bed?
Eli Loker: Fair.
Ria Torres: Fair's better than most.
Lie to Me Quote: Eli Loker: Why is it that guys named "White" are always black and guys named "Black" are always white?
Dr. Gillian Foster: Am i gonna be sorry you're here?
Eli Loker: Barry White. Jack Black.
Dr. Gillian Foster: Does your radical honesty mean you have to say everything you think?
Eli Loker: It's the only way to be truly honest.
Lie to Me Quote: Eli Loker: (talking into speaker) Ladies, if you could wait in there. I will be taking you one at a time.
Ria Torres: Playing out your favorite fantasies, Loker?
Eli Loker: Studying the psychological influence of uniforms on credibility. Lightman wanted to see how uniforms affect people's ability to spot lies.
Ria Torres: Women in uniforms?
Eli Loker: I do love my work...
Lie to Me Quote: Eli Loker: How's it going with Lightman?
Ria Torres: Uh, he's not my biggest fan.
Eli Loker: Well, that's because you're uneducated.
Ria Torres: Excuse me?
Eli Loker: Well, you're a natural. The few naturals Lightman's come across have one thing in common: No college dergree. You haven't been asked to focus on verbal skills, so you focus on body language.
Ria Torres: You're saying I can't learn the science?
Eli Loker: I'm saying you didn't have to. That's got to be irritating for a guy who spent 2 decades trying to see what you were born seeing.
Ria Torres: Thanks. That's very un-Loker of you.
Eli Loker: ...I've never been with a Latina woman.
Ria Torres: Don't push it.
Lie to Me Quote: Dr. Gillian Foster: Can I have a muffin, please.
Eli Loker: Ah, no no no. You don't want the muffins here. They're terrible. They taste like sofa cushions covered with the moldy nuts your grandmother used to keep in a little jar.
Dr. Gillian Foster: Okay. Okay. Between you and Lightman, a girl could starve.
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